Rashpal Brar: Ways to Assist Those in Need at Shelters

An experienced project manager and electrical engineer, Rashpal Singh Brar has assisted municipal clients in the United States as well as a shipyard in India. In Rashpal Brar’s spare time, he volunteers to serve meals to individuals living in homeless shelters.

In December 2012, the New York Times reported that the number of individuals and veterans facing homelessness on an ongoing basis had remained steady from a year earlier. In the same story, one expert estimated it would take $20 billion annually to effectively alleviate homelessness in the United States.

Presently, numerous shelters exist around the country to assist individuals in need. A majority of them offer volunteer opportunities to interested people in the community. When volunteering, a person can take on a number of duties, such as preparing and serving food as well as picking up donated supplies and cleaning up after meals. In addition to shelters, many churches operate soup kitchens, and local nonprofits staff vans and buses that provide warm meals. These organizations also often seek volunteers to help out.

Those with more varied interests can offer their services as volunteers. They may seek to provide job counseling or assistance in obtaining social services. In some cases, individuals in need benefit from just a simple conversation or social interaction. To learn more, run a search on volunteer opportunities in your community.


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